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I placed an order from on October 7th and when I received it, one of the sandals was missing a stone. I returned the sandals and waiting 2 weeks.

Then I received a letter from them saying that they couldn't replace the sandals that I'd ordered. I called customer service to complain and the lady said that they DID have the sandals in stock and replaced the order for me. I received the sandals today....only they're the EXACT same pair of sandals that I returned to them a month ago. With the same exact stone missing and they still had a couple of cat hairs on the bottom from where I tried them on when I received them the first time.

I called customer service and got a complete airhead. The airhead goes "well uhm, I don't know why they'd do that but if you give me your credit card information I can go ahead and order you a new pair". It's nearly freaking December, why the FRICK would I pay twice for a pair of sandals I've waited 2 months for??

Ridiculous! If you're thinking about ordering from them, make sure it's nothing you'll have to return!

Monetary Loss: $24.

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